Why LeTip?

LeTip is 100% dedicated to you and your business networking success:

Our entire focus is making your business thrive through dedicated networking. Everything we do is to that end.

You get more than 35 years of knowledge and experience:

We have a 37 year history of providing members with the best practices of referral marketing.

You will get the most Bang-for-your-buck:

LeTip offers the most cost-effective program for the least amount of money. Investigate the offers of other organizations. Don't be fooled… compare apples to apples and you'll see why we say we offer the best pricing in the industry.

Your Chapters and Board Members are insured:

Unlike most organizations, we protect our chapters with Liability Insurance. We also provide LeTip Board Members with D&O Insurance. If a Chapter were to be sued, the Board members are protected, providing that the LeTip Bylaws have been followed.

You get Free Chapter Materials:

All essential chapter materials are provided by corporate. Items such as Tip Forms, lunch and breakfast cards, guest labels, standard forms, LeTip brochures, and other promotional material are supplied to our chapters without charge.

Learn how to give 30-second commercials.
Learn how to find Tips.
Learn how to be a better public speaker.
Learn how to exhibit your product or service.
Learn how to become a referral source for your clients.
Learn how promoting your chapter will promote your business, too.
Last and certainly not least, we maintain Staff on East and West Coasts:

Our entire staff is an extension of the LeTip family. We support our members with full-time data personnel in both PA & AZ.

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