Program Schedule

Every week different members have the opportunity to contribute to the group by working as Greeters, Showboaters & Speakers.
When you join a chapter, you are put on a rotating schedule to Greet, Showboat and Speak.

The Greeter ensures that everyone, both members and guests, are greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. Their job is to make sure all guests sign the guest register, are given a paper name badge and LeTip literature, and also escort guests to the Showboat table.

Showboaters have the opportunity several times per year to showcase their product or service. This can be done by providing literature, take homes, displays of any kind, and/or any other information they would like to provide for the members and guests.

All members have the opportunity to speak in depth multiple times per year as well. These presentations allow chapter members to learn more about each other's businesses. Speakers are given ample time to educate and inform the group on the best way to "tip" them going forward. During their speaking time they are also given time to field and answer questions from the group. This is a great way for any member who isn't used to speaking in public, to enhance and sharpen those skills necessary to inform the audience how to better identify opportunities and leads for their business.


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
5-er Day!

Ray Yedman - Ray Yedman & Associates
Noel LeBeau - Man Vs. Land Landscaping

Jack Scaccetti - S. Jack Scaccetti Insurance
Greg Bumgarder - Rob's Automotive & Collision


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