About LeTip

We're not a Franchised Operation. We are 100% family-owned and operated. This allows us to better protect LeTip's structure, your investment and most importantly, continue to keep our pricing more competitive. LeTip International created the structured networking concept in 1978. We set the standard high and we continue to do so today. Many organizations have imitated our program, yet none have the ability to maintain or provide their members with all the benefits that LeTip provides to its members.

We believe in consistent Accountability:

Accountability starts at the top. We offer no apologies for our high standards. Unlike competitors who eschew attendance and minimum Tips, we embrace accountability for one reason, it results in more business for our members. We know a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Simply put, we are accountable to our members, and our members are accountable to one another. The sole purpose of LeTip is the exchange of qualified business tips. Each member becomes a sales person for your product or service, generating quality business leads that put more money in your pocket. LeTip allows you to find out about opportunities in the marketplace you would not otherwise have been aware of. You will meet many new business contacts each month. You will have a sales team behind you getting your name out and referring your business and you will have the opportunity to present your company to a group of people on a regular basis on a predetermined schedule.You will be able to show samples of your work and speak to the members so they can better understand how they can sell your products and services. These opportunities are valuable and productive.

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